It all began in Turku, Finland.

A small bicycle store was established at the first floor of a grey house.
It was all about selling and fixing used bikes. The year was 1987.

As years went by, the selection of goods grew wider. But the location of the store on the
west side of the city remained. Bulldozers and lawnmowers of the adjoining
business premises got to make room for the bicycles.

After 25 years of selling bikes carrying someone else’s name, the time was ripe for a change.
This is Le Prince – a tribute to the life’s work of the shopkeeper, the Prince himself.

Le Prince Bicycles is the first Finnish fixed gear bicycle brand.

Our fist models came out in 2010. It was all about the pink fork on a white or green frame.
In 2011, we introduced the pink and black Le Prince Lady models
and the blue and purple Le Prince Gents with bended top tubes. The next year we continued with the
same frame geometry, but this time the top tubing was straight. This year we launched brand new gent models with
stiffer frames and threadless forks. Come and pay a visit to our old-school bicycle shop if you are around.

Le Prince bicycles are designed by Joonas Berggren, Olli Laaksonen and Jukka Kalliomäki.